Hi, About Myself,
All through my childhood there was a deep rooted attraction towards Art, colours fascinated me. Painting, drawing and dabbling with colours not only became a hobby but most of my free time was spent with colours. They became my best friends and that’s when I realised that they had to be my life long companions. And that was the reason I decided to pursue my hobby into a career and enrolled for a Diploma in Commercial Arts.
This is where I got introduced to yet another form of Art — Photography.
Interest in this subject grew to such an extent that I used my savings and pocket money to indulge myself with an SLR Film Camera of Nikon.
This set the wheels in motion and I found a new direction to my creativity.

After successfully completing a course in Commercial Arts with Majors in Photography, I went on to assist one of the leading photographers, the late Mr. Jagdish Mali. And with this started my journey as a Professional Photographer and also decided to pursue it seriously.

Starting off with working as a continuity still photographer on Television and Film shoots and sets, I slowly graduated into shooting Events, and also shot portfolios of celebrities.

Moving on further I decided to venture into a new and slowly growing field of Wedding Photography.

This was a completely different field where I had to capture Moods and Moments. I further graduated into Pre wedding shoots which again was a fascinating experience of capturing moods of shy getting-to-know-one-another couples. Wedding Candid was another exciting and challenging experience wherein I had not only to capture people in their natural surroundings but had to do it without making them conscious and yet get the best moods.

This experience gave me the confidence to explore another growing field — Maternity and New Borns – at one of the leading and fast expanding chain of Maternity Hospitals, CLOUD 9.

Pregnant and expecting mothers, and new borns was a challenge to shoot, requiring my patience to be at its peak and yet not impaling my creative skills.

I believe in not just making my clients and models relaxed but getting the best out of them, without bringing any kind of posed fake emotions, which makes my images spontaneous and life like and that is my forte, clearly visible in my work.

Contact me through my website, email or my cell phone, and trust me to get memories of a lifetime captured by me for posterity.

Tanuja Tatke.

Email id: /
Mobile: +91 9892916972

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